How does it work?

  1. On the day of your scheduled shipping, you'll receive a call between 8 and 9 am with a two hour drop-off window. We can also call when en route with 30 minute notice. 
  2. Upon arrival, our driver will greet you and drop off the item(s) to an easily accessible flat area outside your house/building.
  3. After dropping the item(s) off, our driver will require a signature from an adult confirming you received your item(s).

Other notes:

  • Products are delivered in box and cannot be unboxed by our crew. 
  • Our drivers cannot cross the threshold to your house/building. While it may seem like just a few feet further, shipping is free because we do not have the liability associated with entering your house/building. We do offer a full delivery and installation service for a fee if you prefer. 
  • For the safety of our employees and the protection of your new product(s), we require a clear path to the garage or front door of your home. Outside needs to be free of ice, snow, etc. We deliver in 26' box trucks that are 13'6" tall and we will need sufficient clearance to get to your home. If you feel those requirements cannot be met, let us know immediately at 309-691-4100 so we can arrange for a smaller truck. 
  • It is not possible to request shipping times due to the large geographic area which we cover. Also, trucks are loaded in the order of their stops, preventing schedule changes the day of.

Areas We Serve


When it's all said and done, you'll be really happy you chose Sherman's.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does drop off in box really mean?

It means that our delivery team will drop off your item(s) to an easily accessible flat area outside your house/building. Think 'UPS-style' shipping.

Does everything on the website qualify for Free Next Day Shipping?

No, only in-stock products that are $250 and up.

Is it really Next Day Shipping?

It really is! You can view our delivery map here: Delivery Zones

What if I want the delivery team to bring my purchase inside my home?

We can do exactly that! Click here for our full delivery service. 

Why do we have to sign?

Our products are large and expensive. While most people would have a hard time stealing a fridge from your porch, it's happened before. 

What if I can't get the product into my home after the driver leaves?

Call us right away at 309-691-4100 and we can schedule an installation crew to return for a fee.

After opening, what if my new appliance or furniture is damaged or not working correctly?

If you notice any damage or if the appliance is not working properly, call us right away at 309-691-4100.

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